It has been a painful few months, learning to cope with loss and stress and major life changes, so I’ve been laying low and devoting time to prayer and recovery. There are some wonderful little treasures that have helped me in my journey toward healing and I’d love to share them with you.

Books are my go-to companions during tough times and here are some lovelies.

1. Let’s all be brave : Annie F Downs

2. What your heart needs for the hard days : Holley Gerth

3. Gone Girl : Gillian Flynn

4. msrosiebea on YouTube. Her makeup channel is fantastic!!! (sorry couldn’t link up to the video on YouTube, because this computer is a bit funny, just type “msrosiebea” in the search bar and enjoy)

5. The Londoner Blog So gorgeous. So delicious. So London.

6. Ballet Beautiful and FitnessBlender Kickboxing workouts. These are two different workouts but both really great for toning your body to look lean (Ballet Beautiful) and not to mention, therapeutic (Kickboxing 😉 )

Top these off with some great coffee and chocolate lava cookies (or any cookies, really) and prayer of course and you’ll be feeling better in no time. 🙂


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