I see the clouds fade, they were so dark and compelling. Now I see just plain clear sky. It’s the same old sky that transitions from coal black to sunflower orange to baby blue to lipstick pink to midnight blue and then back to black. The old sky is somehow birthed new and evokes new thoughts, expressions and wonder from the depth of my aching soul. There is transition everywhere you look, leaves turning over, puppies shedding hair, babies learning to walk, the elderly forgetting their keys. As the earth tumbles each day around its ring, we change. We are made new. We are presented with this as a gift. And by the loving grace of God, we are also bestowed the transormative power of the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2).

New is different, new is scary, new is sometimes clean and sometimes confusing.
God himself made everything new, abolishing old laws, practises and traditions. I don’t know if you are struggling with embracing change or are unwilling to let go of the past that binds you or actions and habits that hold you back.

That was the ‘old’ you, step now into the new. Live in the ‘now’, for that is the ‘new’ that God has given you. Abandon all fear, everything here is new and fresh and god-given. Remember that whatever is ‘new’ to you is something He already ‘knows’.


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