I have thought many times about writing a post such as this.

A while ago, a girl that I used to know very well when I was really really young, sent me a text message telling me my facebook profile was ‘indecent’. Just to clarify, there is nothing about alcohol on there, nor any indecent exposure or foul language. I was simply wearing shorts in a photograph that my friend (who is studying photography) had taken of me for a assignment. She went on to criticize me and I listened quietly, until she poked at my faith. The girl who launched her unnecessary tirade is from a small town (as am I) and thinks herself to be a very very godly young lady.

Before you conclude that this post is to badmouth her and to justify myself, please bear with me.

Jesus loves you and Jesus loves me. He loves her too. Women are intrinsically nurturers, lovers, mothers, artists and anchors. And while these are characteristics of all of us, we do each of these things differently. We are so quick to pass judgement and to divide each other on the very subjects that should unite and bind us together. Why do we do it? I don’t claim to be any different, I have caught myself thinking and saying things that are insensitive and hurtful to other women.

Could we maybe consider that what makes a godly woman is just that : God placed in and ahead of her. And isn’t that enough for us to appreciate and exalt her every effort, although it may be different from what we are used to?

Can we, as a mature community of God’s daughters learn to accept women who love God: yes, all their gifts, art, pasts and weaknesses? Can we look just at the heart, the part that loves God and let our first instinct be to motivate rather than mock, love rather than laugh at, empower rather than embarrass and build rather than break?

Can we pray for the strength to do this? Together.


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