Thinking about // the blessings that I so often take for granted: my passions that I let sit unattended, my heart that I neglect, my body that I treat like a stranger, and friends that I neglect and the bad habits that I have fostered and grown into full looming terrors. I am becoming increasingly aware that it is my responsibility to take care of treasure these things God has placed within me and within my reach. Every day, I must wrestle with my inclination to procrastinate and laze around.
Listening to // Gone, gone, gone by Phillip Phillips. It’s such a sweet, romantic song. Through the week, I listened to Casting Crowns’ album Thrive and it has a beautiful collection of songs!
Reading// A million little ways (Emily p freeman) and the time travelers wife (Audrey Niffenegger) and both are tugging gently at my heart to live and love with intention and passion.
Thankful for // Answered prayers and restored health. It seems every time I partake in this beautiful link-up, I am less than my usual self. But I am gradually making small changes toward focusing on my health and wellness. Also thankful for my little adopted puppy, Wally, who is so loving and animated and always making me smile.
Loving // this great website with courses that are so wonderful and inspiring! I am beginning a self-paced course on Competitive Strategy today and I am really looking forward to it. Also loving that the flowers I planted on Wednesday are in happy bloom 🙂

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