The cold rolls off my shoulder and I rub my palms together in glee. I stand facing a warm fluttering skirt of ocean that extends, twirls and teases coasts all over this great big world and today, my little feet. Oh, the joy! To feel the salty kisses tickle my toes and the wind hug me, undoing the tense, tangled strings of my heart. It won’t be long before I fall (quite literally) head over heels. I am intensely aware of my imperfect smallness relative to the great, indescribable beauty of his creation. And yet, I don’t quite understand. He looked at all of creation and deemed it good but after He created us, He exclaimed it was very good (Gen 1:31). Have I got it all backwards? Could it be that I am bigger and somehow more valuable than this gurgling, exquisite ocean? He called me beautiful. He breathed his life in me. Not in this magnificent ocean, that breathtaking mountain or that delicate finely dressed bird. Me. Even as I am writing this, I can feel my heart quicken and my eyes grow wet. My love affair isn’t with the coquettish sea but its Creator. He gave this ocean to me, and I see it afresh as symbolic of his deep, unending love. I tuck this moment warm in my heart and in treasuring this truth, I feel His hands slip into mine.

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