Godly women

I have thought many times about writing a post such as this.

A while ago, a girl that I used to know very well when I was really really young, sent me a text message telling me my facebook profile was ‘indecent’. Just to clarify, there is nothing about alcohol on there, nor any indecent exposure or foul language. I was simply wearing shorts in a photograph that my friend (who is studying photography) had taken of me for a assignment. She went on to criticize me and I listened quietly, until she poked at my faith. The girl who launched her unnecessary tirade is from a small town (as am I) and thinks herself to be a very very godly young lady.

Before you conclude that this post is to badmouth her and to justify myself, please bear with me.

Jesus loves you and Jesus loves me. He loves her too. Women are intrinsically nurturers, lovers, mothers, artists and anchors. And while these are characteristics of all of us, we do each of these things differently. We are so quick to pass judgement and to divide each other on the very subjects that should unite and bind us together. Why do we do it? I don’t claim to be any different, I have caught myself thinking and saying things that are insensitive and hurtful to other women.

Could we maybe consider that what makes a godly woman is just that : God placed in and ahead of her. And isn’t that enough for us to appreciate and exalt her every effort, although it may be different from what we are used to?

Can we, as a mature community of God’s daughters learn to accept women who love God: yes, all their gifts, art, pasts and weaknesses? Can we look just at the heart, the part that loves God and let our first instinct be to motivate rather than mock, love rather than laugh at, empower rather than embarrass and build rather than break?

Can we pray for the strength to do this? Together.


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Thinking about // the blessings that I so often take for granted: my passions that I let sit unattended, my heart that I neglect, my body that I treat like a stranger, and friends that I neglect and the bad habits that I have fostered and grown into full looming terrors. I am becoming increasingly aware that it is my responsibility to take care of treasure these things God has placed within me and within my reach. Every day, I must wrestle with my inclination to procrastinate and laze around.
Listening to // Gone, gone, gone by Phillip Phillips. It’s such a sweet, romantic song. Through the week, I listened to Casting Crowns’ album Thrive and it has a beautiful collection of songs!
Reading// A million little ways (Emily p freeman) and the time travelers wife (Audrey Niffenegger) and both are tugging gently at my heart to live and love with intention and passion.
Thankful for // Answered prayers and restored health. It seems every time I partake in this beautiful link-up, I am less than my usual self. But I am gradually making small changes toward focusing on my health and wellness. Also thankful for my little adopted puppy, Wally, who is so loving and animated and always making me smile.
Loving // this great website with courses that are so wonderful and inspiring! I am beginning a self-paced course on Competitive Strategy today and I am really looking forward to it. Also loving that the flowers I planted on Wednesday are in happy bloom 🙂

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A love affair


The cold rolls off my shoulder and I rub my palms together in glee. I stand facing a warm fluttering skirt of ocean that extends, twirls and teases coasts all over this great big world and today, my little feet. Oh, the joy! To feel the salty kisses tickle my toes and the wind hug me, undoing the tense, tangled strings of my heart. It won’t be long before I fall (quite literally) head over heels. I am intensely aware of my imperfect smallness relative to the great, indescribable beauty of his creation. And yet, I don’t quite understand. He looked at all of creation and deemed it good but after He created us, He exclaimed it was very good (Gen 1:31). Have I got it all backwards? Could it be that I am bigger and somehow more valuable than this gurgling, exquisite ocean? He called me beautiful. He breathed his life in me. Not in this magnificent ocean, that breathtaking mountain or that delicate finely dressed bird. Me. Even as I am writing this, I can feel my heart quicken and my eyes grow wet. My love affair isn’t with the coquettish sea but its Creator. He gave this ocean to me, and I see it afresh as symbolic of his deep, unending love. I tuck this moment warm in my heart and in treasuring this truth, I feel His hands slip into mine.

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Five Minute Friday {Hold}


Suddenly everything is different. People have drawn conclusions, drifted apart, returned home. I stand in a world of uncertainty. Things change. All of the time. I am constantly trying to grasp, adjust and adapt. It is exhausting.

Shifting equations leave me nauseous, craving for that warm me-shaped dent I left in my bed this morning.

Economists have this caveat that they love (and I’m one so I am fascinated by it as well), “all else being equal” or “ceteris paribus” if you insist on being pedantic. And this constant condition is key to forecasting, as setting a constant enables scientists or investigators to dig deeper into other interesting areas. The constant tethers them yet enables their ideas to take flight. Ah, that kind of equation I could begin to love. And economics isn’t such a dull subject after all now, is it?

In the messy equation of life, Jesus is constant. The Bible tells me so (Big hug if that is one of your favourite songs too!). He holds me firm and assures me that He will never leave nor forsake me (Deut 31:6), and that allows me a unbelievable freedom.

In his warm graceful embrace, I recieve permission to go out into this world and explore. Without a constant, an equation is usually a random mix of confusing values yielding inconclusive, unreliable results. Without Him, I am a bumbling mess.

The constant nature of God’s love dulls the chaos and sets me on a clear path toward clarity of thought and action.

It is like a root, allowing me to spread my arms and reach toward the heavens. He not only allows me freedom but provides me with direction and strength.

I am held front-centre in His gaze (Ps. 32:8) and etched in the palm of His hand (Is 49:16).

Jesus being who He is, unchanging and forever, that is a truth I can hold on to. Because He held me first. And holds all things together.

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