Thinking about: The beautiful gift of communion. My weekend was filled with lovely things (buying cupcakes at a park with my two lovely cousin sisters, hanging out with my mamma, long overdue skype conversations with friends who live (toooo) far away), allowing me to engage and reconnect with beautiful people. I am convinced that God is at the heart of all of these relationships and I am so grateful to have a wonderful group of lovely people in my life.

Reading: Graceful and The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. I loved reading regularly immensely through college but sadly, allowed distractions to get in the way after so I am glad that I am consciously making time to read more.

Loving: This AWESOME bible study. I am also loving that I got to work super early today to get a head start on work and writing and I am glad that my week is starting off on a great note! 🙂

Looking forward to: Planning a great vacation with one of my friends from graduate school whom I haven’t seen in 3 years! Also, cleaning my room and organizing my closet so that I can de-clutter and donate.


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