I always thought of myself as a root.

These are things I like, people I love, places I feel comfortable. And I had heard it so many times. “Who likes change?” So I planted myself in a zone of complacency.

Eventually I grew unsettled. Bored. Too comfortable.

Our God never changes. That is soul comfort. But really that is the only comfort we should allow.

Because us, us he thrusts into a world that rotates and never remains still, where seasons change and tempers fly and hugs don’t last forever. A temporary world. One that is never my home.

So I must change too. Because it is then that I grow.

And I get it now, I am a flower that sways and fades and glows and bends.

And my unchanging God, his Word of life, they are my roots.

The way I change, my response and acceptance of that change is a testament to my strong, unfailing root.


Linking up with Five Minute Friday http://katemotaung.com/2014/08/21/five-minute-friday-change/.


2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Change}

  1. What a lovely analogy you created with God and The Word as roots we can grow and change. I really enjoyed reading your post. Keep growing-changing-becoming a beautiful flower!

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