My lovely girl,

I see you hiding between the pages of a book. This sanctuary will become your strength and your fuel for the future.

I wish that you would stop living in fear of being invisible, of unanswered questions. I wish that I could hold you and tell you that you are beautiful, that you are more than your identity of a fair-skinned tamilian sticking out like a sore thumb. That you will grow into your big nose and they will hold up your the spectacles you have always wanted to wear.

Despite your inability to grasp math, you will gradually accept that you are intelligent and creative and slightly abstract.

I admire your resilience, your ability to keep your head up even though you are breaking inside years later. When your worst fears are realized. You know where your strength comes from and you don’t take it for granted. I hope that you never loseĀ  this quality.

You are restless and that’s alright. You will know that it’s because you were made for more discovery, adventure and risk.

I hope that you learn to forgive yourself, that it’s important to take care of yourself and laugh deep belly laughs more often.

There’s one thing I would like you to remember and I think it’s something you are slowly learning: each day brings with it new challenges {yes, more} but with it infinitely more grace {yep, unbelievable blessings}.

So hold on, stand fast. There are great and wonderful things ahead. And everything you carry/ have carried will serve you well on this journey.


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