So, there is this advertisement. With a tagline that makes me and my closest friends cringe.

“Live for likes”

This is how the world has turned.

This is what is fed to our generation and the ones after us.

It makes my soul ache and my blood boil.

Whom do we blame? The company that propagates this pursuit for self-glorification?
Or the consumers that lap it up eager?

How did we get so delusional?

How did we slip back into the sin of crafting idols for ourselves?

When did we think it good and pure and holy to seek worth in affirmation from peers, family and lovers?

It all boils down to this.

We use a toothpick to measure the limitless God that is ours.

It will never be enough.

Living for likes is living in exhaustion.

Why settle for human ‘likes’ when you are LOVED by an omnipotent, magnificent, all-encompassing God?

Do not spend your energy on gaining approval or admiration from the world. For it will rise and set like the sun and the moon.

Instead, start being saved in the heart of God.


You were never meant to live a life of confinement, God sent Jesus to set you free.

And that means free from the approval of others, social media butterfly status and “living for likes”


A while ago, I struggled with people thrusting their judgement of me in my face. I was constantly told hurtful things ; that I was selfish then too giving, had too much of an attitude, was a pushover, was not enough, too independent.

At the time, I allowed these words to pierce me. I should have trusted that my identity was secure in Christ.

Then I read this lovely, God-given blessing. (Review later this week)

This book found its way into my life at exactly the right time and I can guarantee it will enrich your life and redefine a healthy sense of self-esteem.

Linking up with God’s wonderful daughters here.


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