I don’t know how many of you thrive when you feel like you are ‘in control’. Perhaps that’s the only time you feel you can thrive. The only way you feel ‘strong’. So you add as many items as you can to your lists, take on more responsibilities and feed into the misconception that the faster you run, the better you feel. Unfortunately, the overwhelming feeling you are left with (and I have been there myself) is exhaustion.


The truth is that being still is much harder and requires more strength. But it’s not physical strength you require or one that you can display.

It is quiet, mental strength that is born of surrender. Surrender to the one who calms storms (Matt 8: 23-37) and encourages us to be still to foster communion with Him (Ps 46:10).

Embrace stillness.


Linking up with Sandra and Bonnie, two wonderful daughters of God who have helped me understand the power and necessity of sacred stillness

Sandra Heska King - Still Saturday
Faith Barista

6 thoughts on “Still Saturday: Surrender

  1. I am SO terrible about soaking in the stillness and need to pencil in time to be still before the Lord on a regular basis. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party! I hope you’ll continue to join us!! God bless!

    1. Me too! I struggle with that all the time! Thank you very much for coming by and leaving such a beautiful comment! God bless! I hope to stop by at the Saturday Soiree Blog Party more regularly! 🙂 Thank you again and God bless you! 🙂

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