Plenty of books will tell you to look ahead or look within to motivate you to move forward in life. Bonnie Gray encourages you to look back, to face your fears, unresolved feelings and restlessness head-on.

Bonnie’s book narrates her intensely personal journey, focusing on her difficult early years and the repercussions of suppressing her hurts. In every instance, she points out God’s hand on her life and her realization that His call on her life is to experience the beauty of resting in him. As is.

The story is beautiful, relatable {to me, definitely}, the honesty is breathtaking and the underlying theme of whitespace in art weaved cleverly into the narrative is impressive.

The prompts at the end of each chapter are thought-provoking and her general faith is audible in nearly every sentence.

I enjoyed the book immensely, racing through the text, savoring the truth in her words while at the same time aching for the little girl she once was, wishing I could hold her and tell her she is loved, special and unique.


I would recommend the book to women who are working their souls and bodies weary in order to feel significance or mask the scars of their past. To women who are exhausted, violated, battered or uninspired. To women who feel less like themselves, consumed by/ crumbling under workloads, laundry, approval or pain.

I can guarantee that you will feel lighter and lovelier.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace


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