I am a lover of lists, goals and planning. Sadly, I hardly ever follow through with my initial plans, often taking many detours, procrastinating and forgetting the little things I want to do/enjoy in-between. I can be intensely focused on something, channeling all my energy towards completing a to-do item, achieving a goal. In all my list-making, I realize now that I had lost myself by being focused more on results, than the joy of working towards something. Then I read an amazing book sent from God straight to my stressed-out heart (review later this week :))

I am a recovering people-pleaser, taskmaster and perfectionist.

I still like making lists, but they are less dry and more delicious: more joy-filled, topped with extra grace.

Example: see below!

Thinking about:

What to buy my friend for her birthday
Making a good financial plan
My exercise routine for tomorrow
All week I have thought about how lucky I am to be a daughter of the King, my loving heavenly father. Everywhere I look these days, I am swept away by His constant reminders of His love for me.


The Fault in our Stars

Listening to:

The whirring of a fan
Television in the distance
Bethany Joy Galeotti (One man to love)
Boy (July)


Random interviews
old reruns of reality shows
Fun lighthearted movies (Pitch Perfect, The other woman)

Thankful for:

Beautiful books from wonderful women of God
A weekend of rest
A cuddle from my adopted doggie
Safe travels
Projects successfully completed at work

I am looking forward to a week free of scary lists (only absolutely essential things will be recorded), deadlines and general anxiety. I hope to spend more time with God this week, learning and growing into the woman He wants me to be.

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5 thoughts on “Currently {Volume 1}

  1. I am also a lover of lists & plan everything. I make them EVERY SINGLE day! My grandmother does the same thing, I must have learned it from her. I am excited to hear about the book your are reading.

    Have a great weekend!
    Stopping by from the link up. -Becky with Choose Happy

    1. I am so glad to hear that others make SO many lists as well! 🙂 I was beginning to feel like I was one of the verrry few 🙂 Thank you for coming over from the link up 🙂 I love your blog (such a lovely title)!

  2. Oh yes, the lists… sometimes I feel like i need a “list of lists” to keep up.
    Great post & blog.

    OH The Fault in Our Stars – I hope it’s good.

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