As young women, often we allow other people to place expectations upon our shoulders; and so we take things very seriously; one of them is safety.

Women are protectors; we spend a large amount of time investing in a safe career, building a safe home, cultivating safe relationships and generally, making “safe” choices.

This is beautiful and a key fundamental attribute to your Godly design.

Howeever, our God also encourages risk. He asks you to live out dreams that will push you out of your comfort zone, meet people who aren’t your normal crowd and walk to unbeaten path.

I have been intensively involved in writing for a few weeks and this is what I have learned.

Creativity isn’t safe.

It pushes you, exposes your work to the hands of others, encourages you to be curious, and be inspired. My, is it exhausting.

But oh my goodness, it is incredibly fulfilling.

This is what I have learned: that our mighty God is a magnificent artist (just look at the twinkling stars, butter moon or your pretty fingers) and to invest time in creative pursuits is to try and become like Him.


Creativity is not selfish, it is worship.
It is not look at me, but instead look at God, look at how he has blessed me so that I may bless you.

With the intention of being creative this week (today, in fact) I wrote a little something and would love if you hopped on over to read it.

I am also linking up with Bonnie.



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