You’re sitting quietly, waiting for that dream to happen or for that hurt to stop.

You may have been patient and prayed diligently. You might be frustrated or angry that it’s taking longer than you thought.

In the midst of waiting, there is discovery. Of strength you never thought you had. Of roads you might not need to take. Of preparation and promises.

Because the waiting is where God meets you and holds you.

So be still and know that He is God.

There is glory in waiting. Jesus waited many years for his purpose to be fulfilled. A lot of the early years in His life are not recorded in the Bible. He might have spent those years working, learning, even waiting. The Bible tells of many who waited, most notably : Abraham and Sarah.

Periods of waiting are opportunities to grow closer to God, to rejuvenate, recover, re-assess your life.

After sitting in a waiting room, you can jump on the very next train, but that may not be the one that takes you where you want to go. Deliberate planning, patience and attention will lead you to your destination.

Waiting isn’t easy. It isn’t pulling a blanket over your head, going to bed and waking up to ask if it’s over.

It’s a waking response to prayer-fueled request.

Jesus promises that if you ask, you shall receive. He does not promise that this will be immediate.

When it is finally time to move from the waiting room, no matter where you have to go – if it’s where you wanted to go, or where you hadn’t planned on going – you will not be alone.


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