I lie on a yoga mat and twist my neck to get a better view of the video. I stretch and pull and stand and bend. The instructor repeats over and over. “Connect to your breath.” Breathe in and then out, in and then out.”

I am in too much of a hurry to listen. It’s been a roller coaster week – two loved ones’ birthdays, new milestones, work tasks completed. It has been one of those weeks. Where I had to be in 10 places at once and be there for all the people I love. When your heart is open wide, but your feet slightly sore.

So I ignore her. I just want to get through all the postures. Breathing can’t be that important, can it? Nah. Then something pulls in my core. Ugh. Cramp.

You see, your insides need it. You may twist beautifully on the outside, stand like a strong oak tree.

But your core needs you to breathe. To inhale. and Exhale.


You may have inhaled negativity, hurt and exhaustion over the past week.

Exhale to let it go.

You may also have inhaled laughter, love and friendship.

Exhale to make room for more.

Take a few minutes off from that computer, television, book or conversation.

Close your eyes and exhale. The world looks and smells better after.

And your core will thank you for it later 😉

Click here for more wonderful ways to exhale this Friday.

Five Minute Friday


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday {Exhale}

  1. “You may also have inhaled laughter, love and friendship.
    Exhale to make room for more.”
    Visiting from FMF. You and I have the same blog theme and love of yoga!

  2. I love this, I too have been on the mat, just wanting to get through, refusing to surrender to the breath, but finding such release when I do. Beautiful post that really captures that feeling of the importance of breathing, of surrendering, of the exhale and allowing the body to release. Thank you.

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