I read about the competition in a magazine. I felt like I could do it. I imagined my entry spread its loveliness across the glossy pages, maybe a little photograph of myself on the side and my mother reading it with proud tears in her pretty eyes and me glowing like a light bulb. A dream come true.
Few days left until the deadline and I’m beginning to panic. The draft is ready and I don’t love it yet. Tears of doubt prick my own worried eyes. And the words I don’t want to hear; the ones I dread bounce around my mind. “Not good enough”.
I try and try to keep going. I gaze at the words until they begin to float like a mirage off the screen but I can’t put anything down. I type eagerly and then promptly hit backspace repeatedly for days.
Classic writer’s block or am I buying into the lies of the world?
I confide in a friend. What if my words fall short? What if they aren’t funny enough, dramatic enough or moving enough? What if the judges think it’s not good enough?”
He speaks loud and clear. “How about you write what you can and I fill in the blanks?”
I ask “You mean you will proofread?”
That offer is one I will gratefully accept.
He responds calmly “No. You do what you can. And I will do the rest.”
I cannot believe this reassurance. The generosity.
It’s difficult to put yourself out there. To be vulnerable and expose a part of yourself while being creative. I am asking for the world to deem my work worthy.
I’m a little human, flawed and fearful. I am always trying to think about what I have to lose.
The scary truth is you have nothing to lose.
How could I forget that I have a friend who will walk through fire with me, and this is just a competition. But I have a loving, powerful friend. In a high place.
That the Bible tells me I have treasures stored in Heaven. That I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Chosen, Cherished and Validated for eternity.
Sometimes all a girl needs to hear is that she isn’t alone.
That she is always and forever more than “good enough”.
That if she joins hands with the greatest friend she could ever have, she will undoubtedly taste a bit of heavenly glory and delicious fun just by trying.
Whatever dream you choose to pursue (or are currently pursuing), you have a partner, a friend in whom you will always find unconditional love.
The result may not be exactly what you planned but there is a friend always rooting for you.
I believe in you, He believes in you. So please press on.
Never let the world tell you otherwise.
Let go and let’s go!

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2 thoughts on “What have you got to lose?

  1. What a beautiful reminder that we are enough without anyone’s responses and that we have a powerful friend. Thank you so much for writing this beautiful post that I needed to hear!

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