Today, I’d like to share this little post from my poetry blog: dancingonadream.

I saw cherry blossoms today. Over the bridge, alongside a lonely black-blue train engine. Waving in the gentle breeze, a raven on a swinging branch. I hear a whistle, rhythm of wheels, coarse cooing and I breathe long and hard as I feel my thumb trace words on my forefinger.

I hear it when I least expect it, from the heart of a leader. That it’s a strength, a prism of promise clothed in darkness. I register, make a quick vow, then forget in the hustle. Yet, quietly it resonates, bringing health to weakening heart.

Dreams you touch when wide awake. Medicine, meaning, masterpiece: adding life to music, depth to emotions, order to chaos. Power resulting in the wondrous birthing of creation, the binding of the universe.

Blessed, to bless.

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