Lately, a number of hurtful words have rolled off the tongues of my own people. A phrase that repeatedly rings loud is that I am ‘not enough’. For too many weeks, I carried the weight of lies around, shaking them around in my head, creating a potentially lethal cocktail of depression. But my Lord, in his infinite grace and wisdom, woke me to his love. Opened my stubborn eyes to his knowledge of who I am. HIS.

I have struggled with words most of my life; the choosing of them, the absorbing of their truth, discarding of their value. Words are supremely important.

Because I was deeply wounded by people around me, I hope that this series will place within your heart the realization that the power to create and build lives and hearts is easily available to you. I hope that it will encourage you to be a blessing.

Pick One.
This is an exercise I have been training myself to do each day.
Pick a word to act as a building block that day. (My word today is beauty).
My goal for the day is to
a) bless 3 persons with that word (you can pick any number of people, really) and
b) name 3 blessings or gifts that are beautiful (insert chosen word of the day here).

One word can wring goodness and blessing out of me and instill them in me at the same time. Lead me home. Will you go with me?


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