I turn the microwave knob gently; hear the rumbling signal and pause, letting the unlikely music of the moment give me a couple moments of rest. Breathing deeply, I urge the unwanted visitors in the depth of my mind to vacate. But it is hard. To completely detach when you’re so attached. To erase lists that the world pressures you to write each day. To cleanse a mind that is cluttered with worldly dust. In a forceful attempt to rest, my mind sputters slow and overworked.

Words roll out easy, hearts dent quicker, feet trip and hands burn. The remedy: flail, unfurl and thrash in an attempt to grasp something? This I have tried. A number of times. And it doesn’t stop. Because the more you thrash in your pool of despair, the harder it is for someone to hold your hand.

Why don’t we try, for once, the easy way out? The precious, heavenly beauty of staying still. God is waiting, reaching for your hand and heart. Will you let him lead you in this graceful dance of life or will you head bang and jump violently until your core is shaken empty?

God is your Hero. You need do nothing but wait for him to come and save you. Again.


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