I see the words blink uncertain. I want to reach out and hold the trembling fingers that pieced these feelings together on that screen. ‘I am scared’. I close my eyes, remember the face of the person I love, whose heart is swelling with dreams, even as his eyes are welling with fear. And my heart aches. How do you find the words that are good and right and true? The ones that can hold a quivering heart and soothe a tired soul?

I understand and I have felt this way often. An overwhelming, gripping anxiety and each time, I am gently urged to accept this as a side-effect of citizenship in this fallen world.

The world has no answers and no wisdom that supercedes that of the Father. I assure him that things will be better and that I will pray for him. As I search for heavenly comfort, I taste a sweet promise in Isaiah 41:10 & 13 that fills my soul full.

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.

We live in a world where everyday living can flatten your horizons, shrink your dreams and burden your heart but as believers in Jesus, we are blessed with higher truth in 2 Timothy 1:7.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

With that assurance, we are more than conquerors and called to live a victorious, joyous life.

Fear trips you up on the road to victory and stands in the way of your pursuit of happiness. Be strong, because your Creator is greater than all things and is always, always in control.

Your Father is always watching, protecting and loving. So live fearlessly, woman of God.

Thank you for reading today. Enjoy more Coffee for your heart with your sisters in Jesus. Stay blessed.


A real Good Friday

I fumbled with the water this morning and I brushed my hair out limply, halfheartedly. I knew the words. Most of them anyway. I ache for a day of doing nothing. I grumbled sin. I walked over to a quiet dining room where snide remarks, heavy with resentment, were hurled nasty at me. My heart caved in the disappointment of the moment. Where, Lord, is the blessing of this day? I sin in forgetfulness. As we drive to church, we hear grunting and wobble uncomfortably dismiss this as normal. Until a considerate stranger points out that our tyre is flat.
We park on the side of the road, and as I wipe the sweat from my moisturized face, I sinfully twitch my lips in irritation.

I walk hungry, holding my loving mother’s hand as we speak of random beautiful things and I forget that my stomach is empty because my heart is full. We zip off in another car, hunting for a church that will still have us, late & exhausted. We find the old treasure- where my grandfather had worshiped many years ago. We swim against the current of the outflow of the satisfied congregation. We are the last to take the journey of the 14 stages of the Cross. I write intently as my mother reads from lovely pictures as we make our way in awe. The blessing of a new, profound message of the Cross and a realization of the Sacrifice.

On our way home, we visit extended, family, enjoy acceptance, communion and food, brothers and sisters in love and the Father.

As I ready myself for the evening worship, I realize that my sins in the morning and untoward, unwelcome surprises led me to the Cross and a wonderful, blessed day.

The way to happiness is always through the Cross.

Pick one.

Lately, a number of hurtful words have rolled off the tongues of my own people. A phrase that repeatedly rings loud is that I am ‘not enough’. For too many weeks, I carried the weight of lies around, shaking them around in my head, creating a potentially lethal cocktail of depression. But my Lord, in his infinite grace and wisdom, woke me to his love. Opened my stubborn eyes to his knowledge of who I am. HIS.

I have struggled with words most of my life; the choosing of them, the absorbing of their truth, discarding of their value. Words are supremely important.

Because I was deeply wounded by people around me, I hope that this series will place within your heart the realization that the power to create and build lives and hearts is easily available to you. I hope that it will encourage you to be a blessing.

Pick One.
This is an exercise I have been training myself to do each day.
Pick a word to act as a building block that day. (My word today is beauty).
My goal for the day is to
a) bless 3 persons with that word (you can pick any number of people, really) and
b) name 3 blessings or gifts that are beautiful (insert chosen word of the day here).

One word can wring goodness and blessing out of me and instill them in me at the same time. Lead me home. Will you go with me?

Little secrets

I turn the microwave knob gently; hear the rumbling signal and pause, letting the unlikely music of the moment give me a couple moments of rest. Breathing deeply, I urge the unwanted visitors in the depth of my mind to vacate. But it is hard. To completely detach when you’re so attached. To erase lists that the world pressures you to write each day. To cleanse a mind that is cluttered with worldly dust. In a forceful attempt to rest, my mind sputters slow and overworked.

Words roll out easy, hearts dent quicker, feet trip and hands burn. The remedy: flail, unfurl and thrash in an attempt to grasp something? This I have tried. A number of times. And it doesn’t stop. Because the more you thrash in your pool of despair, the harder it is for someone to hold your hand.

Why don’t we try, for once, the easy way out? The precious, heavenly beauty of staying still. God is waiting, reaching for your hand and heart. Will you let him lead you in this graceful dance of life or will you head bang and jump violently until your core is shaken empty?

God is your Hero. You need do nothing but wait for him to come and save you. Again.